What is the cost of a home inspection?

Realtor.com estimates that an average home inspection will run between $300 to $500 for a single-family home. The national average, however, is $337. This number may vary according to a variety of factors including the location.

Which items typically fail to pass a home inspection?

1: Poor roofing. 2: Drainage problems. 3: A damaged or weak foundation. 4: Plumbing issues. 5: Pest infestations. 6: Hidden mold found. 7: Faulty heating systems. 8: Electrical wiring.

Continue reading… Is a home inspection worth it?

Although home inspections aren’t mandatory, it is an excellent idea. It is well worth the expense of having a home inspector inspect your property. A home inspection is worth $400-$500 more than a report that you do not need.

What are the most important things home inspectors should look out for?

Presence of Water Damage. Structural Integrity. Roof Damage. Electrical System issues. Plumbing problems. Pest and Insect Infestations. Conditions of the HVAC system

Top causes home inspections fail?

The most common cause why home inspections fail is due to electrical problems. These include damaged or frayed wiring or wiring, wiring in the wrong place, wiring that isn’t up-to-code. A close second cause of failure is problems with plumbing that include pipes leaking and causing damage, bad water heaters, and problems with the sewer system.

What are the steps to prepare for an inspection of my home?

Make sure there is open access for areas that need an inspection. Keep the area clear. Make sure the roof is in good condition. Maintain a clean home. Make sure all lights and outlets are working. Check that your toilets work properly. Replace the furnace filter.

Which fixes are a must after a home inspection is complete?

Repair any water damage. Remediate any mold issues. Remove and prevent Infestation by pests or wildlife. Repair any found electrical or fire hazards. Remove all toxic and chemical hazards. Any building code or major structural dangers will need to be remedied. Remove any trip hazards.