Tacoma Home Inspector Services

A home inspection with THI includes a very detailed report on all the major systems inside and outside the home. Everything that is either visible or accessable will be assesed and added into our comprehensive report. Some things to expect with our inspections are:

Home Inspection: What should you expect from the inspection day

Home inspections are an objective visual assessment of the structure and system of a home, starting from the roof down to the foundation. A single-family home inspection typically takes between 2 and 4 hours. However, this depends on how large the house is. The inspector will give the client an inspection report detailing their findings. It includes pictures and analysis as well as any recommendations.

Tacoma Home Inspector is a group of professionally certified inspectors that provides comprehensive home inspections in Tacoma, Puget Sound, and surrounding areas. The team is skilled in home inspections including exteriors, foundation, roofing, crawl spaces, attics, and insulation. Also, we assess the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems.

You have access to an experienced and trained team of inspectors when you hire us. Our team works together to analyze many aspects of your property simultaneously. You will quickly learn everything you need about your property. This team-oriented approach has made us trustworthy and professional leaders in our field.

Our proven experience and the most recent technology allow us to deliver detailed reports. As a group, we inspect your house from the outside and inside. After the inspection is complete, our team compiles all of our findings into a simple-to-understand report. You can also access these results through our cloud-based secure servers. This allows you to have the information that you require whenever and wherever you want it.

Your home is a significant investment. It doesn’t matter if you plan to sell your home or make major renovations, the key is having accurate data. Tacoma Home Inspector makes it easy to find out what’s happening around your home. We are your Tacoma Home Inspector team.